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Oct 7, 2008
Palm Springs CA.
what is up people! im new to the forum but have been lurking for awhile;) .

i have know experience building engines or anything like that. you might be thinking "oo-boy, what a nube". but im not a duma** either. or am i???lol

so i just got delivered a kit from Kings motor bikes EBay.
80cc with the upgrade muff, what ever that means, 2dB less is not that much quieter. but ok...

i have red 26inch V-frame Mountain Bike.

and you guest it! im putting the engine on

1st thing when i got the package on time but the packing slip(on out side of box) was torn and missing. so i am wondering if kings get the kit directly from china and then resells to US, with out inspecting the contents, to see if any where missing or something weird like that...

so i had my little inspection and all is good. but i had to go to work before I got to install it. so after work i got working(wierdrotfl). and i slap that thing on in about 1 1/2 hour, sprocket balanced, everything mounted, cut, and wired.

ill take pics when i can get a disposable cam from wally word.

i havent started it yet, but i might have some q's when the time comes.

but i am going to take it all off, paint stuff flat black, put inner tube on where motor mounts to reduce vibration.

i have a q wile i am thinking about it, do i need to sand paper the chrome before i paint it flat black? and is there any particular paint i should use?

thanks everyone for being smart and motorizing your bikes!

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Apr 28, 2008
3000 miles on mine its a kings Bicycle Motor Preperation And Care check this out then look up everthing on matching and porting then go tuned pipe. your gonna have a blast!