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Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by MasterMaker, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Well, maybe not that strange but...... a problem none the less.

    I want to build myself a motor bike, preferably 4-stroke and I was wondering exactly how much omph I would have to use as far as the engine is concerned to propel my rather dense carcass at reasonable speed and also be capable of carrying my 330 pound(weightlifter)frame up-hill.

    While I do not have any experience with engines I do have quite a bit of experience with machine-tools and I have an forever growing shop so I can make custom...pretty much anything.

    Since I don't really think I will find much in the forums about riders with my kind of tonnage I am posting this.

    Any ideas on what it will take in the line of power for a trail bike which is what I want to build?
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    Howdy MM, welcome. There are a lot of large riders here who can better advise you. But it is pretty amazing what any of the 4 smoker kits can do. Also check out the DIY section. Lots of really cool builds.
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    Welcome MasterMaker...enjoy the ride! I'm no expert on physics and moving mass, but I think a 4-stroke of 50-100cc ought to do just fine. You're already one step ahead with a machine shop at your disposal, sounds like you'll be going places (on a motorized bike at that). I'm sure someone of larger stature and expirience with mab's will chime in...cheers!

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    For less than a straight 4-stroke you can build a 66cc 2-stroke with a jackshaft kit so you have gears.
    A good 3-speed hub bike works dandy, but if you need more gears you can use a derailer bike too.

    On a 3-speed 2nd is like a direct drive, 1st is granny gear and 3rd is overdrive.
    Just search this forum for "Jackshaft" for more info.
    I have a topic about mine here too.

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