9 Hole 6 MM pattern???

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    HI All,

    After work today I was just sitting and looking at a sprocket (yes I really am a gear head at heart!) and I was just thinking today about some recent inquiries from people looking to buy a sprocket using the 9 hole 6 MM bolt mounting hardware as opposed to the HD 9 hole 8 MM bolt system....Generally I have advised that the step up to the HD system but sometimes people don't want to incur the additional expense (I don't sell the adapters but usually refer them to those who do)....Then it dawned on me....Why not incorporate the 9 hole 6 MM pattern on the same sprocket???....

    Question is tho' does the 9 hole 6 MM pattern have the SAME center to center distances as the HD 9 Hole pattern....with the difference being just the mounting bolt diameters?....If so, I will incorporate them onto our sprockets as well to make them fit even more applications (as a side benefit, they will make the sprockets even lighter without sacrificing strength).


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    Andy I think you can do that but a couple of holes will be (I need to put this in nice words) not very nice looking holes. I've drilled a couple of sprockets to do what you are talking about.
    Seeing how you make sprockets aren't you more of a sprocket head?rotfl
    Just kidding you.
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