66cc 2-stroke legality in CA

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    I was surprised they did not have brake light, turn signals, horn etc. My last build had that stuff for safety. Even had bike reflectors on my back pack. It only takes one POS driver. Going with better safety equipment and building a small battery to power them. Thinking two or three 12v series wired in parallel. Looking at your bike design for ideas. Hope you do not mind.
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    Yea it doesn’t take much. You are a much smarter builder than I. I just accept that I’m invisible and act/build accordingly. On my pedal bike I run a 3s 5000mah turnigy lipo (55Wh) The lights pull about 10w total. They aren’t super bright. I think I charged it maybe once in the first half of 2019. Don’t ride that thing often so it could be enough, or maybe not.

    Cops have told me to run a brake light, when I just had lights on/off. Brake light and hand signals might be enough.

    Let me know if you need any help.

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