1. B

    Question about lights in CA

    Do I need them in California? So far I’ve found conflicting arguments about if I do or not. As of now I have a horn, mirror, plate, helmet, and a class M. I do not want to have to install an extra generator in my bike just to get lights I will use in bright daylight just to find out I might not...
  2. F

    Well that's disappointing

    Ordered a few different 2 stroke china girl kits. One from ZedaMotorsports(still waiting on that one), one from eBay that I'm having some good luck with, and one from CaliforniaMotorbikes that I'm having a huge headache over. The clutch pads are already worn out. In fact, I had to tighten the...
  3. B

    66cc 2-stroke legality in CA

    I overlooked the CA DMV specification and something caught my eye. A "motorized bicycle" or "moped" is: A two or three-wheeled device, capable of no more than 30 mph on level ground, and equipped with: - Fully operative pedals for human propulsion. - A motor producing less than two gross...
  4. J

    Bike Berry Can't work out problem.

    First of all I wanted to work with this company and live in Florida. Shipping does a a while. i ordered Mag rims and they where defective.I did say wanted store credit and then only gave $35 when product was over $1000 when shipped both rims back and coasted money. They messed up and I called...
  5. CARider

    66cc 2 Stroke Kits In California-$159!

    Hi! For a limited time I am selling Flying Horse Kits, great bearings and quality, for $159 to everyone, including people trying to get them here in California. Members only, please PM me for a Paypal Invoice! Happy Riding! .wee.
  6. L

    Hey L.A.

    Newbie to the bike engine clan here... I'm a college student trying to save money, who is also quite tired of Los Angeles public transportation. Motorcycling is no new thing to me, however the bicycle engine kit concept is. Now, for my question: I'm well aware these bike engine companies...
  7. A

    Anyone still sell to California?

    I'm trying to obtain an engine, but no one will ship to California. RAW engines was purchased by some other company (same as Zone8), DAX has been out of stock for months (and will be for quite some time), Venice Motor stopped selling kits...and now I'm left in the dark! Does anyone still...
  8. A

    RAW Motor Horsepower?

    All of the RAW motors say 5-6HP, when there are the same type of engine as the Skyhawk GT5 which is only listed as 2.5 HP. Is the RAW Engine really 5HP? The California Moped Registration requires that the engine be less than 2 Gross Brake Horsepower. If I get this engine will I be able to...
  9. nidyanazo

    Hundreds of kits in stock, same day shipping

    Seems like alot of suppliers are out of stock, just wanted to let those of you looking for a kit know we have tons available and ready for immediate dispatch! Check us out @ Our fedex shipping includes free overnight delivery in SoCal, and gurenteed 2-day delivery anywhere in...
  10. nidyanazo

    Some cool pics of our bikes

    And some of our CA customers builds...
  11. nidyanazo

    New video we had fun filming

    Think we got a couple good shots... It's hard to film this way .. YouTube - ‪motovelo motorized california legal motorbike moped motorized bicycle‬‏
  12. nidyanazo

    Fun high speed corners

    YouTube - ‪www.Motovelo.US - Extreme performance bicycle engine kits! CA approved! $250 shipped!‬‏
  13. forrman

    California Canyon Rider

    Greetings! I just started my first MB kit -- 60cc Chinese 2-stroke mounted on my 1986 Montagna 18 speed mountain bike. Since this is my first project bike my main goal is to just get this completed and running good. If this works out then I want to build another MB, and install a skipjack so I...