4 stroke on a cruiser frame


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Jun 28, 2019
want to put a harbour freight predictor 212cc on a cruiser frame. I want to use a snowmobile type transition onit. question is will I need a wide crank setup or will a wide crank still hit the trans case?

Will a trans for a 4 stroke work with this motor. I think it has a 1" (just looked it's a 3/4" output shaft) output shaft on it so I'm not sure if a bikeberry.com 4 stroke trans will fit the 212cc motor, or even blow up from the bigger motor.

All help appreciated


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Mar 11, 2017
Salem Oregon
I think if you're going to use the 212 Predator, you might have to go with a TAV2. There's one called a "DeathRow" on Ebay that's $105, and it positions the output gear pretty much where you want it to be, The tough part is finding a cruiser frame that won't require major butchery to fit. Be ready to go custom frame or butchered!
Also, the 212 Predator offers plenty of bike-worthy power stock- if you start modifying it, others have indicated that the TAV2 becomes a weak spot. I plan on eventually putting a 212 Predator in a Huffy Cranbrook. Except for changing the orientation of the motor, it'll remain stock. I WILL have to butcher the frame, and NO, I'm not happy about it, but that's the price I'm willing to pay.
So far, we've only discussed physically getting the motor to fit. The other issue(s)... brakes and wheels. If you start with one of those cool, beefy frames and wheels set-up, you'll be WAY ahead of the game.
Good luck on your build.


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Aug 2, 2008
Be sure you have a 44-tooth or larger rear sprocket.
The Tav2 pulleys lower gear ratio to a super low 11.88:1!

Hang on tight on takeoff, and I mean it literally.

When the pulleys upshift, your ratio is high, at 4.4:1.