wont run

  1. E

    Bike ran and rode for 2 tanks and now won’t start

    This is my first bike every think is how it was when it was running stick needle height and so fourth. I got spark and fuel. It was flooding and then I cleared it out. Still won’t start I got a couple of back fires and that is it. I think it might be flooding. I could use some good help. THANK YOU
  2. I

    Need Solution

    I got a ported GT-80 66cc 4.5 HP motor I took a long trip 230 miles did ok dispite shake down repairs along the way last 30 miles power loss problems first I notice my dynamo wire fell off wrap around exhaust melted must of shorten out then the continue power loss prior I had a oil seeping out...
  3. G

    Engine Lost power and Stopped

    Hi everyone! Im new here and new to motorized biking aswell. i recently completed my modern style board racer inspired project with a chinese engine Kit. I was riding and my engine(2stroke 67cc Slanthead) lost power and after 100-150feet it stopped running. It would still rev after i got it...
  4. PatTheThird

    No Spark!

    zptLadies and gentlemen, I have a Grubee gt5 SkyHawk 66CC kit. Engine runs good and starts immediately when it starts at all. After a particularly windy rain storm my bike wouldnt start no matter what. I replaced the plug and cap since they were included in the kit. When that didnt work i...