vintage bike
  1. Degoragon

    1960s Schwinn bicycle rear wheel suggestions

    Well, my 24" Kulana has been giving me many a trouble, Even with greasing, the bearings are wore, and I cannot seem to keep wheels in proper alignment. The chain always digs into the rear tire, I pop tubes, plus its a bit small for a 6'2 person. It vibrates massively at speed, and I cannot get...
  2. Deiseldave

    1955 Road Master 79cc HF motor

    Hello all , I was told that I needed to make a thread so everyone here could enjoy my latest build . It will be a long time till I can get it to look the way that I want and parts over time to get that period look im going for , but in order to ride it now I have to sacrifice , ( for now ) lol...