1960s Schwinn bicycle rear wheel suggestions



Apr 7, 2019
Well, my 24" Kulana has been giving me many a trouble, Even with greasing, the bearings are wore, and I cannot seem to keep wheels in proper alignment. The chain always digs into the rear tire, I pop tubes, plus its a bit small for a 6'2 person. It vibrates massively at speed, and I cannot get it past 19mph without it feeling like it wants to fly apart.

So, I had set out to buy a bigger bike. Apparently, I am not the only one who wanted a new bike, as damn near every store that sells bikes within 50 miles has been picked clean! Online, the situation was dire, as every cruiser bike under $300 was sold out. Additionally, Perusing the local Facebook and Craigslist (so far) is not much better, as it's mostly 10 speed road race bikes, vintage ladies 3 speeds touring bikes, and the odd mountain bike. The rare cruiser either seems to disappear quickly, or is well above $300. I'm still looking, but not much seems to show up.

Well, that got me to thinking, maybe I should build one? I have gotten a 1960's Ladies Schwinn Hollywood that needs to be gone through. The frame won't be hard, as I can either weld a top tube, or else possibly buy a men's bike frame on eBay. Bearings are easy, I found some NOS Schwinn bearings for $15. Well, My challenge seems to be with wheels. I don't intend on using the original schwinn wheels.
A coaster brake rear wheel is easy enough to find, yet freewheels seem next to impossible to find on cruisers. Does anyone know of any freewheel rear wheels that will work with a bike that had coaster brakes? Most of the freewheels i have found seem designed for a mountain bike's 135mm frame width.

62 schwinn hollywood.jpg