1. M

    Check out my video of my Schwinn Delmar cruiser bike built Enjoy! ps. does anyone think that my hub adapter is a problem, as there is a gap between the two pieces on the hub even though I have tightened them lots and lots. Thanks Mike xct2
  2. C

    Bike Berry Competition Video

    Hello! this is the official thread for the best motorbicycling show on the entire internet! These videos are for the bike berry video competition. Please post your honest critiques and comments on the vids! SECOND EPISODE: Here is the link to the first one...
  3. CTripps

    Vancouver BC Rides

    Well, I tried making videos with my Galaxy, here's the first one. I made a trip from my garage to Richmond, BC for no other reason that to burn some juice while it wasn't raining. ;) Sorry about the bounciness etc, I have the camera hung chest-hieght around my neck so it's looking a bit down...
  4. paucmarc

    Animated motorized bicycle video

    Was cruisin' Jalopnik today and found this. It's a short animated film about a chase. But the "hero" rides an awesome slant-single, belt-drive MB. Enjoy. Parigot - YouTube Looks like an old Harley. With different paint. And a suspension cargo rack. Perhaps this one?
  5. nidyanazo

    New video we had fun filming

    Think we got a couple good shots... It's hard to film this way .. YouTube - ‪motovelo motorized california legal motorbike moped motorized bicycle‬‏
  6. DuctTapedGoat

    Nampa Ride, End of Winter

    Was digging around on my hard drive and found a video I took at the end of winter 2010/2011 in Nampa Idaho.
  7. Schwinn the Fox

    Be A Part Of The 2nd Video

    Here Comes Part 2!!! Remember the 1st MB video? If you have never seen it before, its right here: Original MB Video - CLICK HERE Anyway, wanna be a part of another one? I said I might do it and I totally am now! Starting today, Im working on the 2nd video and you can be a part of it. Just...