1. F

    Constantly getting flats pkease help.

    I got abflat after many hundred miles and Walmart's Bell tires are the only ones that are the right size. For some reason I keep getting slash type flats. I went through 3 tubes within a week and 2 were in the matter of 1 day. The last one which went flat the quickest was where I was 99% sure it...
  2. M

    Mini-motard ideas.

    So in my motorbicycling hobby, I built two bikes which I sold off for a cheap price when I decided to get a motorcycle. But drivers are kind of too crazy nowadays for a motorcycle and my mom got really mad when I decided to buy a bike saying I'll kill myself haha. So I decided to build...
  3. S

    53mph Raptor Build

    The ebike frame came from Slovenia and took 1 month from fabrication to delivery at my door. The motor is a Greyborg beast and got that through the USA distributor. I purchased two 18 Fet controllers and I'll have to see which I like best on this heavy frame. Anyways, I got both a sensored...
  4. K

    Tires for 150cc 4 stroke board track racer

    Hello all, I am putting together a board tracker inspired by cobrafreak, idood, and sportscar pat. I have worksman wheels with 11ga spokes. I know Pat is using hookworms and cobrafreak is using the Coker motorcycle tires. The Cokers are a little out of my price range at the moment. I...
  5. shwnrttr

    sweetskinz colorful tires

    heres a link to some of the sweetskinz tires. cool lookin, good price, not sure how they perform though.
  6. shwnrttr

    nice wide street tires

    i found these tires made by duro for 32$. 29x2.3. they have a lot of good stuff on this site. check it out.
  7. shwnrttr

    what tires on genesis onyx?

    anbody know what make/model/size tire comes on the genesis onyx? those look like pretty fat tires for a 29''. i want them!
  8. Tay

    New guy with basic questions

    Hey everyone, I have recently become very interested in turning my 26" Mongoose Sahara into a MB but I have no experience with it so I have a few basic questions. If all you experts out there could answer them and give me some advice that would be great. Keep in mind my main reason for going...