1. waynesdata

    My skyhawk frame build.

    Bought a 135mm Gasbike frame. Reused parts from kent bayside bicycle. pedal assembly, seat, seat post "with spacer", and 1“ threaded fork "with spacer". My bayside handle bars could have been used.
  2. D

    Mixing cylinder bodies?

    Hi all, I picked up a PK-style lower end (Z-L rod/low wrist pin piston combo) and I was wondering if anyone has ever made a GT5 cyl/head work on this bottom end with extra base gaskets? Or are the port timings too far off between the two? Looking to see if anyone has had success with this combo...
  3. S

    my first moto bike

    Well brought it home a skyhawk 66 on a kinda crappy bike lol started up but didn't want to go above idle with clutch out didn't have time to look at it much (was on lunch break lol)
  4. B

    bike will start(kinda) but will not accelerate. HELP!

    so i just bought a new cns carb and my bike will not accelerate. when im riding and i let go of the clutch, the motor turns on but there is absolutely no power. my throttle will slightly rev the engine but it is very quiet and will not push the bike forward. ive tried putting the choke all the...
  5. Wickedest1

    grubee skyhawk 66/80cc

    ok so after a major mechanical failure that left me stranded 16 miles from home with a fake knee ive decided that i need another more reliable kit. from the endless hours of self loathing and pms (poor me syndrome) i made an executive decision and have decided to go for another kit asap. ive...
  6. MitchP

    WTB Skyhawk GT2A frame

    Hey my name's mitch I live in Cali. I am looking for the 'sky hawk' GT2A frame w/ motor bracket. Maybe you bought one and it never got put together? I will take one in new or used condition. Text me @ 707-291-9070. Hope to hear from you.
  7. Ruby478

    this may be a dumb question

    Whats the difference between a grubee sky gt5 and the gt5-A?
  8. A

    Grubee Skyhawk GT5 or SD Stinger?

    Which engine lasts longer and is higher quality?
  9. K

    Grubee Skyhawk GT2b carb question

    Heya all, I've just completing my first assembly of a bike motor (it's been complex...mainly in deciphering the instructions!) and it's basically all together except for one thing... On the carb, facing toward the rear and coming out of the bottom of the carb, is a clear plastic line about...
  10. W

    Clutch Doesn't Work Grubee SkyHawk GT5

    I just bought a Grubee SkyHawk GT5 on and I'm having problems with it. I'm not good with engines but I think that I have installed everything correctly (at least to my knowledge). The issue is that when the clutch is engaged, the bike won't move freely. The chain is being pulled...
  11. B

    Loss of power after I gain speed

    I've had a 66cc skyhawk for a couple days and have been tweaking different things so it would actually run. Each time i have taken it out it starts and accelerates fine but once I get up to speed it starts to slow down, regardless of throttle use. The only way to keep it going is to back off the...
  12. I

    Baby's First Motor in Milwaukee, WI/Marquette, MI

    What's up, fellas? Name's Thunderhead, and I hail from the ridiculous weather capitol of the world, Marquette, MI. Presently, I live in Milwaukee, WI at my folks' house, working nights and saving dough for a yet-to-be-decided-upon adventure. I went to college for two years at Northern Michigan...
  13. P

    Hello from Florida. Mounting help? :)

    I'm a total newb and I'm doing my first build. I got one of those schwinn point beaches from walmart and I have a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 66cc angle fire coming in. I went ahead and got a universal u-bolt with it since the tube in the front is oversized. Has anyone ever seen or mounted a skyhawk on a...