1. C

    aussie shift kit?? has anyone tried it??

    just wondering if anyone has tried out one these shift kits?? its a bit cheaper than the one...
  2. N

    Shift Kit Installed, Now starting is hard

    hey guys i finally got my shift kit installed, after quite some time just trying to get the masterlink onto the drive sprocket. i swear any tighter it would burst. anyways now my engine is really hard to start because both chains are so tight i can bearly pedal, even when holding the clutch...
  3. J

    Hello! Looking for advice

    I am thinking about putting together my first bike and thought some feedback would be nice. I'm on a fixed income and was looking for a decent motor and a cheap bike that I can gradually upgrade. As for the bike, I was looking at the Schwinn Landmark Cruiser, or the Ocean Pacific Beach...