1. B

    Hello from Prof Bliffle in Nor Cal

    I've been a lifelong cyclist but I'm 82 now so I have to adjust. I returned my trusty Steel Road bike to it's maker after 40 years of flawless service. It was the product of 20 years of study and applied engineering on my part. So now I must motorize, and solve some other problems. For example...
  2. G

    My new Bike E Recumbent

    I just bought a Bike E CT recumbent on eBay for $300. I'm super excited for its delivery on the 11th of this month. I've been excited about building an electric bike for a long time. I've been riding a friction drive that I built for a couple years now. It just seems fitting to complete my...
  3. BarelyAWake

    The Bent Zombie Tribrid Tadpole Trike

    K... first off as ya'll may or may not know, I'm not known for buildin' bikes in a hurry lol, I like ta take my time, usually whiling away the winter tinkerin' and somtimes wondern' what in heck I've gotten myself into. This 'uns no different, well... mebbe a lil heh Usually I don't like to...