1. A

    Break in period with low oil to gas ratio

    Some backstory first: Engine is a typical ebay 80cc 2 stroke kit When I first mixed the fuel, I negligently calculated the ratio wrong and ended up with 2 gallons of mixed fuel with a ratio somewhere between 32:1 and 40:1. I have used up almost the entire 2 gallons. The bike has been rode for...
  2. I

    Ready to throw the keihin away

    Here's what I got. This thing never ran right from day 1 and I'm tired of it. Do I spend the money on a jet kit or is there a carb I can buy that would be as big as the keihin that will actually work? I finally have my low end rpm smooth and powerful, but when cracking wide open after that...
  3. M

    How to know when broken in? Fuel ratios?

    I probably have about 30-40 miles on my bike so far, and have been using a 20:1 gas to oil fuel ratio with non-synthetic 2 stroke oil, I don't know if it is meant for air cooled engines or not but... don't know if that matters but I'm sure it helps. Anyways, I wanted to know how do I know if my...
  4. J

    2 cycle oil engine teardown wear tests

    if you can think of a better title let me know, want to start a sticky about amounts of engine wear after te1ardowns of using brands/types of oil at a given ratios. basically evaluating oil quality, I know it isn't practical to do a good side by side test with all the possible combinations, and...
  5. K

    harbor freight 212c build

    ok so i am almodt one with my predator 212cc engine...... the thing is that that it is geared to 12:44:1 and i unhooked the Governor... so even at like 4k rpm it barely does 25mph ......is there a way for me to get that thing go faster?
  6. K

    200cc Gear ratio speed

    i just made my home made motorized bicycle, it has predator 212 cc with governor. my clutch has 13 tooth input jack shaft 22 output jack shaft 10 sprocket 56 how do i calculate my max speed at 3600rpm? Thank YOu. cvlt1
  7. shwnrttr

    question about gear ratio calculator

    i downloaded the jim sitton gear ratio calc. in wheel diameter do put acual size of wheel and tire or just the the size specified on tire?
  8. M

    Carburetor Jetting/Mixture Question

    Hi, just a quick question.... What is the difference between the carburetor jetting and the fuel/oil mix ratio? As I understand, the jetting is how much fluid enters the engine and the mixture is the composition on the fluids? How does this affect the rich and lean running conditions...
  9. PatTheThird


    Has anyone tried Amsoil's 100-1 2 stroke oil? I was just talking to the distributor and he sain it sparks better, smokes less and protects fine.