motorized bike

  1. S

    Do you consider this front mount safe?

    I plan to get longer studs (yes I know the locknuts are on the very end) The question is do you guys think that sandwiching these two metal plates on the frame and then running the studs through it to secure it to the bike is a bad idea do you think this will break easily?
  2. D

    66cc 2 stroke bike quit turning on, I’m new to this please help!

    hey I been reading this forum for a while and can’t find a solution so decided to make a post. I bought a used 66cc bike off someone it’s broken in beautifully and it was running amazing. I use it for work as a courier and I only rode it for one day about 6 hours. I sat down to smoke a cig and...
  3. PluckStrumRide

    12v generator help

    New to the forum. 3 builds under my belt so far. The age old question that I can NEVER sort out: How to get proper lighting on a bike? I'd rather skip buying endless amounts of batteries and buying lights that fail after a week or two. I HAVE found a 12v generator that installs next to the...
  4. carl clack

    Wheelie Much!

  5. B

    Bikeberry Builds Complete Motorized Bike Free Giveaway

    Welcome to BikeBerry Builds! The show where we take new or old bicycles and overhaul them with the latest engine kits and performance parts. But that's not it, don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to take home your very own Micargi Pantera Motorized Bike Build because at the end of the...
  6. U

    Troubleshooting a Huasheng 4-stroke Engine

    Hello Motor I'm Matt, a new member to this forum, however I've been working at this motorized bike for close to 3 years now and I've only got it running a hand full of times unfortunately. First a little bit of background about the bike. I first purchased the Huasheng 4-Stroke...
  7. W

    Ohio moped ( motorized bike) licenses

    Hi does anyone know the laws for a motorized bike i built in ohio? Do you know if i have to get it registered or if i can get it registered? And if so how? And what are the requirements to get it registered? If anyone can help I would appreciate thanks.
  8. Makakoa602

    Nel Lusso 4-Stroke Huashengtai Motorized Bike

    Hello, This is my first build. I got a Nel Lusso from Walmart and a Huashengtai Motorized bike kit. Any help or input will be much appreciated. Here are some photos of the bike and the kit opened but still in the box.
  9. slump

    Predator 212 custom fat tire build

    Lots of work into this build for shiny side up 2017 and is a late post but I finally got some time to put it up here. As for the build : I custom made the fat tire bike frame from customizing a mongoose fat tire bike. I customized a girvin linkage fork by widening it out to fit 4" rim and had to...
  10. TheJakeBike

    Jake's custom motorbikes!

    Hello all, I've recently been informed that there's a rumor going around that "Jake's" is closed! NOT SO!! JAKES CUSTOM MOTORBIKES IS ALIVE AND WELL!! check out our new low pricing and killer deals on our signature Billet high compression / extreme cooling heads! is our...
  11. ZipTie

    New Candy Apple Skyhawk Gt2A Build

    About 2 months ago I got the bug to build my first 2 stroke motorized bike after seeing engine kits and these oddball frames on ebay... here is the result. some minor stuff to do yet but getting close.
  12. miked826

    49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Felt MP

    Selling for $3499. Yes it costs a lot but, to my horror, the parts cost alone exceeded $4000. The price spiraled out of control when I added the electric components to this already existing gas bike. This bike can run off either batteries alone or gas power or both simultaneously, as well as...
  13. Ayotaybrink

    New Stretch Build

    Found a stretch cruiser over the summer for sale at the beach, picked it up and immediately was eager to get an engine on it. Took the engine off a beach cruiser I had, though there were some minor problems along the way she's starting to shape up nicely now.
  14. K

    Motorized bike??

    okay so i have a 30cc friction bike that runs 30 mph, and it runs good. On my next bike it will be chain driven, and i dont need to be able to pedal, but i would like to put a shifter kit or transmission. the motor is a 6.5 hp 4 stroke honda. also i think i should use a mountain bike because...
  15. madwheels37

    $375 motorized bicycle for sale in Bradenton, FL

    .It sold thnks for everyone's help
  16. Autocycler

    Virginia Moped (Motorized Bike) Regulations

    Mopeds, Electric Power-assisted Bicycles, and Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices Generally the laws for the operation of mopeds, electric power-assisted bicycles, and electric assistive mobility devices are similar to the operation of bicycles. "Moped" means every vehicle that travels...