1. Memy1251

    Parts vibrating loose

    HEY GUYS! Just built my first beauty. It’s running well and strong aside from when I picked up a nail. However I have a question about how you guys like to secure your gas tank and mufflers. My attached components are tending to vibrate loose. Am I just going too fast? Or if there another way to...
  2. Pilotgeek

    Loose Crankshaft Bearings, and My Fix

    I'm pretty sure my engine has had this issue from the start, but only recently did it start getting bad enough to tear it apart. I found out that not only were my crank bearings very bad, but the crankshaft fit too loosely into the bearings. At its worst, the crank would just spin inside the...
  3. M

    Clutch does not stay engaged

    Hey all you motorbikers! I love motorized bicycles! I've been running fine for about 2 months, lot's of joy riding & getting errands done in the sun, & I have gotten past the break-in period too. I used to live in Denver, CO where the bike was assembled, & then threw it uptop my parents...