1. S

    Will a 68T Sprocket from Wish fit with the chain and mounts of a 2 stroke kit?

    Im planning to buy one of these cheap chinese 2 stroke kits. I know they are pretty low quality and require regular maintence. I live in a village with many hills and bumpy roads and i like going off road. I found an 68 tooth sprocket on Wish but im not sure if the chain and sprocket mount are...
  2. CARider

    66cc 2 Stroke Kits In California-$159!

    Hi! For a limited time I am selling Flying Horse Kits, great bearings and quality, for $159 to everyone, including people trying to get them here in California. Members only, please PM me for a Paypal Invoice! Happy Riding! .wee.
  3. T

    Tools and tips needed for assembling Motorized Bicycle kits

    Hey there motorized bicycle fam, my Flying Horse 66/80 kit just arrived. What tools will i need for this assembly? Any tips or info is highly appreciated. Yes im an motorized bicycle NOOB but soon i will be the noobinator...that is if i can indeed assemble my kit correctly. This is my first...
  4. R

    motor kit suggestions

    OK so I need some help on a first build. I want to know what motor kits to get. I don't have much funds right now so want to start with a 49/50cc 2 stroke kit but I want to upgrade to a inframe 4 stroke later on, so suggestions on both are needed. The two main things I'm looking for are price...
  5. M

    Is it worth it?

    My older brother makes custom bikes for a local vintage bike club, and we are contemplating buying 2 powerking 49cc sets for some tinkering fun. However, it looks like they are totally illegal in ny? Anyone ride in ny? Email me if you have info or just reply here:-|| really wanted to build one...
  6. Ruby478

    who know where to get parts?

    im trying to build a MB trike but since spookytooth is down i can buy the mb hd trike conversion kit what can i do to make my own any ideas?
  7. forrman

    California Canyon Rider

    Greetings! I just started my first MB kit -- 60cc Chinese 2-stroke mounted on my 1986 Montagna 18 speed mountain bike. Since this is my first project bike my main goal is to just get this completed and running good. If this works out then I want to build another MB, and install a skipjack so I...