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    Pick one!

    Howdy, I'm building a hill climber, not a street racer or commuter. There are so many brands and merchants selling motor kits now that it's crazy. I'm looking for guidance/tips on which kit I should select on a budget ;). 56 to 60 tooth sprocket Hopefully sprocket adapter If it's bad, I will...
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    Climbing hills, real ones.

    Howdy, 1st post and happy to finally join! Wasn't sure where to post this, as I'm new, but here we go. I've been interested in making a fresh hill climber for hiking/mountain bike/dirt bike trails. I am chill as a cucumber if I can't go faster than 25mph max speed, as I know with these...
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    Why didn't my bike go uphill with a 66/80cc cruiser?

    I am a newbie who just got done putting my first bike together. It took me one week! Well, mainly because of the frustration because NOTHING FITS! But anyway, I was going uphill and I didn't go full throttle since I am still in the break-in period. The result....The bike stalls! Was this...