1. P

    Trying to set up new brakes and need some help.

    Hey everyone, so my bike currently has a v brake set up on the front wheel and I would like to change it to this caliper style brake as i think a vbrake is a lil on the jenky said lol. I was reading up a Lil about it and I think it said something about having to have a certain style lever with...
  2. Tom74

    What type of rear brake is this? What can I replace it with?

    Here's are the images of my rear brake. • https://ibb.co/X4Sm6Tv • https://ibb.co/VQMpBdp • https://ibb.co/VHhnLp9 • https://ibb.co/c6b87hq • https://ibb.co/54gRtrC The brake are at the bottom of my bike in this area : • https://ibb.co/9v9G6nP I would like to replace these brakes with...