1. M

    Cylinder gasket

    Hello! Im having issues with the cylinder gasket. Does anyone by any chance know what thickness the gasket for the cylinder should be (the one between the cylinder and the case). I cant find anyone that will ship a gasket to me except china but that would take a long time to get to me... Thanks...
  2. Testname111

    Golden Rod City!!!! ¿

    Tell me what y'all think about my next build please I'll be using these bearings with half PEEK seal bearings, as to expose them in the crank to oil for lubrication, Not ZZ metal seals as in photo...
  3. Tom74

    Bottom end leaking oil

    The bottom end gasket must be in need of replacing as it's leaking oily fuel all other the floor. I don't know how to remove the cylinder when I pull on it nothing happens.
  4. Tom74

    Muffler gasket

    I recently purchased an 02 toyota highlander oxygen sensor gasket as a gasket for my muffler because some guy on YouTube recommended it, but what I'm wondering is it for 36 or 40mm stud placing. Is there anyone that has bought one of these and that can measure it for me?
  5. O

    Bottom gasket...wth?

    I got a flying horse 66cc motor about a year ago, magneto coil went twice, just got it running again...before the mag went I had to cut out two bottom gaskets to raise the jug up enough to keep the piston from slapping the head...I just got new gaskets, I thought maybe the gasket was meant to be...
  6. G

    Sick Bike Parts-Jets and gaskets

    I just want to shout out again to sick bike I have ordered all my jets and gaskets from them. They always arrive in very neat packaging that i can reuse to meticulously sort my ever expanding collection of parts and tools. And they always arrive quickly. Since jetting and air...
  7. S

    Gaskets for sale

    If anyone needs gaskets I pretty much have all gaskets for sale except head gaskets. Just PM me if you are interested! Thanks!
  8. S

    Strontium's Copper Coated Laser Cut gaskets

    Some of you are already familiar with my laser cut gaskets, I appreciate each and every one of your business. I'm introducing my new line of copper coated gaskets that gives an extra layer of thermal protection as well as a great thermal conductivity between the gasket and connecting metal part...
  9. T

    Intake leak?

    Hi, I recently bought a 2 cycle 80cc motor kit and installed it on my bike, but now when I try to ride, when I pull the clutch in the engine rpm's go sky high! Someone told me that it was an intake leak and to: "Remove the intake manifold where you bolted it to the engine, and replace the...
  10. domster66

    No gasket? Bad?

    Ok so on my 80cc bike I was riding and there was a lot of vibration and my intake pipe fell out because of the two screws that hold the pipe into the cylinder! This isn't the first time I have had problems with these little screws. They are always never screwing in completely and securely no...
  11. Das Chicken

    Leaking exhaust gasket

    My 48/49cc two stroke HT engine's exhaust gasket is leaking. The whole front end of the engine is saturated in oil (not the top though). Whats rust? It even decided that it would be a good idea to spray scalding oil on my leg (felt like a bee sting). I am using a self port-matched METAL gasket...
  12. DuctTapedGoat

    Motor races - air leak/no compression and scoring.

    My motor just started racing the other day. I'm super upset about it. :( I swung by my buddies house to use his compression tester, and lo and behold - a whopping 80 PSI. So I'm thinking, bad rings, blown head gasket and got them on order (taking all my cash till payday). I dropped a teaspoon...
  13. nidyanazo

    What's leaking from the crankcase....grease? *pic included* Help diagnose

    This is leaking through the crankcase.. ..Seems like grease, possibly from the clutch shaft. There is a small piece of gasket missing there... Was thinking it is some assembly grease for the clutch shaft... Also wondering about using some RVT gasket maker sealant right there...