fuel mixture

  1. Alabama Motor Bikes

    Oil Ratio

    When you order your motorized bike kit the manuel says to put 16:1 mix and than 20:1, well I use 40:1 and It runs great. My first tank of gas was 40:1 mix. Should I use 20:1 or 40:1
  2. JaxInsany

    Is the 16-1 oil/fuel mixture harmful?

    Hey everyone! I am currently breaking in my 2 stroke Grubee with a 16-1 fuel mix with synthetic oil. I didn't think twice about following the kit included instructions when it said to break in the engine with 16-1, but with all the reading I have been doing on fuel mixtures, its getting me...
  3. N

    Vp 110

    Who else has used this, and how well did it run?
  4. escout

    Where can I find jets for a CNS gen B carb?

    Hi all, So I got my bike running pretty well at this point, but its still a bit rich being that I'm at 7200 ft. Anyways, I've looked into soldering and re-drilling out my jet to a smaller size, but I'd rather order new jets if possible. If anyone finds jets for this carb I need some...