1. Sitherus

    New shift kit problems for custom built bike

    so I gave up on my old shift kit and bought a SBP shift kit. I got it installed and mostly running in one day. I'm having since chain problems I could use some help with. First I should say that I have a shimano rear derailleur and 6 gears with a 7 speed friction thumb shifter. First problem...
  2. broke and hungry

    Carroll Shelby Felt Cruiser

    Super clean collectors quality Felt Shelby #234 The bike, which was available worldwide on a limited edition basis, is a homage to Shelby’s iconic work and features the same Wimbledon White and Guardsman Blue paint job used on classic cars like the Mustang GT350. This Felt Shelby was acquired...
  3. S

    For sale Felt Twin, 4 strokes, 98% finished.

    For sale a 98% finished; Felt Twin, with a 4 strokes HuaShang 49cc. As I explained in my original posting, My second daughter was born in October 2013. Since then the motorbyke has been collecting dust in my garage. I build it for my personal use, I didn’t used the kits, I used most of the...
  4. miked826

    Hybrid 49cc Gas + 2000 Watt Electric Bike 4 Sale.

    EBAY LISTING $2499 ENGINE IS NOW 97CC http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Hybrid-Motorized-Bike-97cc-Gas-2250-Watt-Electric-w-Brake-ReGen-4-Stroke-/00/s/MTU0NFgxNTE2/z/yAcAAOxyTjNSk6QY/$_57.JPG This bike is a one of a kind project started about 6 months ago. Originally a 2012 Felt MP beach...
  5. Venice Motor Bikes

    VMB Motorized Felt 'Deep 6"

    I'm finally getting my chance to motorized a new Felt 'Deep 6'! These bikes are so bad a$$!!! These pix are of the bike with the engine resting in it for a quick photo opp. This bike's getting a 'in frame' tank with a KWM filler cap & engine mounts, Sportsman hub adapter & sprocket & a...
  6. Hors D'oeuvre

    Buying a Felt Cruiser for Less Than MSRP

    I'm in the DC metro area and it seems impossible to get my hands on a felt cruiser for less than MSRP. Ordering from distant bike stores is not an option because felt restricts sales locally. Has anybody had any luck with accomplishing this?
  7. S

    Felt Twin, Chain clearance problem.

    HI there, I build a Felt twin using a 4 strokes HS with the 4G grubee trany. I upgraded the back hub to the Freewheel Sprocket & HD Axle Kit w/Brake engine is working well. When I installed the trany and the chain I found that I have no clearance and my chain is running touching the...
  8. broke and hungry

    Felt Cruiser Tank Sealing

    Felt Cruiser Tank Sealing The tank on the Felt Cruisers are not air / fluid tight from the factory and some easy modifications to seal the tank is needed prior to adding fuel for use. I highly suggest that you do this part of your build prior to any assembly as the tank / frame will need...
  9. broke and hungry

    1903 Felt Crusier Build

    I am currently building on a 1903 Felt Crusier. This is a very unique bike and I welcome input, suggestions and comments on this build. My website for this build has a listing of parts as well as some good information for other builders of this frame. Feel free to surf to my website. Cheers!