1. A

    Do Dellorto or Mikuni jets fit?

    I am going to order a couple jets for my bike, I ordered ones for motorised bikes but they are m4 not m5 thread, and I can't find any m5 ones specifically for motorised bikes, so I was wondering if m5 jets for a dellorto or mikuni will fit? The engine is just a cheap chinese 80cc with the stock...
  2. G


    I have a 49cc motorbike with a HP carburetor and I’m bogging at full throttle so Im asking for confirmation to know if I’m getting too much gas or air into the Carb? I live in Willow Springs area and I plan on buying a 20 jet kit so I have have it for winter and summer.
  3. stevennf94

    Please Help!!!! Will These Fit My Carb???

    I cannot find anywhere that sells NT carb jets in Canada and doesn't want like 30$ for shipping. I'm not spending around 50-60$ to get carb jets. I found these on amazon and I am wondering if they will fit my NT carb. I already have micro drill bits and a pin vise, along with everything to...
  4. S

    No Exhaust Baffle No Problem.... Right?.....

    Hello, i am new to the Forum. I am posting because im afraid my motor is going to blow. my build is as follows, -66/80cc silver slant kit "From" -NGK #BPR6HIX Spark Plug -Super Charge HI-Preformance CDI "From" -Stock Carburetor -Stock Air Intake Tube "Ported by me"...
  5. N

    wants to start but not catching

    Hello, I have a 2 stroke flying horse "80" cc motor. I put everything together and it wants to start but cant keep it up and running for more than a few seconds at a time. Also my carburetor keeps leaking gas extensively and constantly. I think this might be do to the fact that i have the engine...
  6. J

    5hp Briggs and Stratton wont stay on

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here on So I have been working on my motorized bicycle/board track racer inspired build for almost a year now, and am nearing completion. I mounted a temporary gasoline tank and temporary exhaust pipe (as can be seen in pictures) to the 5...
  7. S

    Carburetor Law

    there's a carb law in California were can i get a china girl kit that will ship here most of all the ones are over 120$ but all the ones under do not ship to residence of California
  8. V

    Strange Problem - Engine slows down after mile

    Hey Everyone! I hope you can help me out here...My bike has a NT Carb that was a solution to a problem with my original carb from the bike kit that I got on ebay. The bike was working really well, but I got a nail stuck in my tire...replaced the wheel about a week later. I go for a ride and...
  9. Cheech

    Used CNS Carbs for Sale

    Hey guys and gals here at Red Rock Cycles we're doing some Winter clean-out and today we have six (6) slightly used CNS style "performance carburetors" AS-IS. Some have filters some don't. New they list for about $65 but we're letting this basket go for $135 plus $10 ground shipping. We're not...
  10. C

    Carb jets

    Is anyone selling upgraded jets?I've been through MANY carbs, and went back to original. I cut a small circle from the bottom out of a pringles can and used a needle to poke a smaller intake hole. Pushes in to the jet with a pencil eraser...would rather have about a #71 jet. Any sellers...