1. CrimsonPrince

    Motorized BMX Funding Request

    Hi everyone! As you may already know, I have been posting up my progress on a motorized BMX bike build and would like to begin by extending my thanks to all of those who have commented and imparted their suggestions to enhance the quality of the build as it makes headway towards completion. At...
  2. CrimsonPrince

    Engine BMXs Challenge: Series Premier

    Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself here by posting this thread concerning my goal to build a motorized BMX bike. You're probably thinking, "motorized BMX", is this guy crazy? I would agree and say yes, but I'm not that crazy. Like, think of all the other crazy things I could be doing...
  3. Hauno

    Hauno Style BMX Build

    I’m working on my first non kit bicycle build. Budget is a priority since I have no idea if it will work or be sellable. I’ve decided to go with the cheapest new bmx the internet has to offer as well as the most comon 50cc 2 stroke.
  4. S

    bmx w/Yamaha 100

    just wanted to share a photo of my latest bicycle conversion i think its just about complete i was out riding it today a little heavy but still lozes traction on wet asphalt this photo is from about three weeks ago its got diff. handle bars a spoked rear wheel and a newer motor there is no...
  5. H

    Introducing myself and my dual suspension BMX build!

    Hello, My name is Rob. I've been a long time lurker even before I got an account. I wanted to get some knowledge on motor assisted bicycles under my belt. Growing up I was the type of kid that would take all my toys apart to mod/fix them. My dad was an auto mechanic when I was a kid. So I was...
  6. 2

    LEGIT Briggs 5 on BMX Junkgoose rat bike

    Just found this forum! Awesome This is my 1st successful attempt at building a motorized bicycle. From what I see on here most people use old Schwinn type bikes. I chose to go with BMX for a couple reasons. I will keep those to myself! lol I know the slant of the motor might raise some...
  7. VlamBallas

    60cc BMX with Vertical Shaft Friction Drive

    Greetings all, Thought I would start a thread 'bout my new project. I have built quite a few motorcycles in the past, though have never attempted a Motorized Bicycle before. So, Just the other day I was lurking around a little scrapyard near my workplace, when I stumbled upon an old push...
  8. Vfalpha-1

    20 inch bmx

    ok so i started out with a crappy bike some time ago and a Chinese engine i managed to fudge up , got blasted on here a lot for that one. i deal more with airplane engines than bikes though i have built some before. sometimes stupid things come out of my mouth before i think about it so bear...
  9. Venice Motor Bikes

    Venice 26" BMX style!!

    I built this one just because I've always loved old BMX bikes. This started life as a Schwinn Heavy Duty cruiser, but it totally has the old skool 26" BMX look now! The frame & fork are powder coated & I put one of my rear cylinder tanks on it. I also did a few hot rod tricks to the engine &...