1. C

    Rear wheel bearings are bent- how do I fix?

    I’m trying to install the rear sprocket but I noticed that one side of the bearings is up, while the other side is sinking inward. Is this due to me tightening the sprocket incorrectly? Thanks so much.
  2. S

    Rear wheel/coaster help

    I have a motorized Schwinn Beach cruiser that I bought recently.I have already been through two rear wheels blowing through the bearings and ultimately all but destroying the rear wheel while making the coaster brake useless. Besides moving to a pressure or disk brake does anyone have any...
  3. Pilotgeek

    Loose Crankshaft Bearings, and My Fix

    I'm pretty sure my engine has had this issue from the start, but only recently did it start getting bad enough to tear it apart. I found out that not only were my crank bearings very bad, but the crankshaft fit too loosely into the bearings. At its worst, the crank would just spin inside the...
  4. R

    The bearing doctor!!!

    Hello everyone. I'm starting this thread to once and for all end the needless forum searching for the proper bearing codes that belong to the 66cc GT-5 two stroke engine (and later all the other Chinese engines). This includes ALL bearings inside the engine. I believe there are 6 but if IM...
  5. nidyanazo

    *vid* Inside a MOTOVELO bike engine (what makes them the best)

    Check out this quick video.. Any questions feel free to call! 805-637-1746