1. S

    79cc Not Fitting Inside Frame

    Hey guys, newbie here. I recently purchased a 79cc 4-stroke engine kit to put inside a mountain bike. I got halfway done assembling everything and then did a dry fit inside the frame and realized it wouldn't fit. I'm afraid gasbike won't accept a return at this point so I was wondering if it's...
  2. Degoragon

    Generic "No Name" Ebay/Amazon engine kits. Anyone use them?

    I Have noticed a lot of the people on this forum seem to buy a certain "Name Brand" (GruBee, Flying Horse, RAW, Zeda, BBR, Golden Eagle, DAX, etc) and roll with it. I was wondering, has anyone here bought one of the cheap, generic kits you can find on eBay, Amazon, Wish, etc. ? If so, how is...
  3. J

    I need help in version and type of my kit engine

    I have a problem in my clutch and I do not know what type and version it is, I need to know to buy a new one, could someone help me find out what it is? I only know that my engine is 4-stroke
  4. greenjon

    Fito Modena GT-2 / 7-speed / 49cc 4-stroke / 4G T Belt / SBP shift kit

    I'll start my first build next week. $422 Fito Modena GT-2 7-speed cruiser with 24" x 3" tires and dual disc brakes $381 49cc 4-stroke HS142F with 80-tooth 4G gear (bicycle-engines.com) $217 Shift Kit and chain breaker (Sick Bike Parts) $52 Heavy Duty Clutch (Staton-inc) $8 Tire Slime tube...
  5. T

    Looking for replacement sprocket for HuaSheng 49cc transmission

    Need a replacement sprocket, but am having difficulty finding one that fits this type of shaft. Please let me know of anyone who sells this sprocket or this transmission . Thanks.
  6. D


  7. J

    A little curious about something atm.

    I'm a little curious about this, but what would be the possibility and/or benefits of using a friction-plate clutch on a 4-stroke motor, such as a GX35? Supporting mods in this hypothetical case would be an EFI system and maybe an electric starter.
  8. Donavan321

    Anyone successfully mount a HT bicycle engine or Huasheng to a Whizzer frame?

    Was wondering if anyone on here, has restored, fixed up, freshly painted or powder coated any kind of Whizzer frame? I'm sure it's been done, I just haven't seen anything. Either a 2-stroke Ht kit, or the 4-stroke huasheng. Let me know!
  9. scotto-

    99cc Predator Long Ride

    Here it is....a half an hour of saddle time on my 99cc Predyno. Just your boring basic riding around the streets of UC and Clairemont. Traffic.......What traffic! :D http://youtu.be/cXTprPIGJaQ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! .santa
  10. scotto-

    99cc Predator Short Ride

    Just took a short ride over to my buddy's house on the 99cc powered Dyno. A beautiful sunny winters day in mid December.......let's ride! http://youtu.be/dXHizRq2ti0 dnut
  11. A Future Pilot

    Schwinn Clairmont 4-Stroke

    I'm finally starting a build thread for my bike! I still have a few more questions before I purchase all the parts though...I figured it'd be better to consolidate all my questions into my own build thread, instead of having them scattered about the forums :) So here are the pictures of my...
  12. nashmoto

    nashmoto evolution

    I've been working on the bike over the past year designing and machining my own jackshaft belt drivetrain, using the same billet motor mount from before and built up a race engine with help from Shane at AGK - affordablegokarts.com. The new swing arm suspension seat works great, but will refine...
  13. T

    Bike won't go!

    I have looked everywhere i could find on the site and just couldn't find an answer. I got my 4-stroke kit from Daemon Bikes running. It worked fine. I waited over night and then worked on the back sprocket a bit, (needed centering) and now it won't move. It starts fine and when i twist the...
  14. T

    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to engines and pretty new to bicycles, but very crafty and willing to learn. My first project will be a Huffy Cranbrook i got from wally world after reading a bunch on the forums. i also bought a 4 stroke 49cc engine from Daemon Bikes (not so sure...