stare fire and crapbrook 017

stare fire and crapbrook 017

Just my humble opinion but these cranebrooks look so much better without the fenders and chain guard ... Not to mention it cuts down on the jingle jangle ratty tat tat quite a bit .

If you wanna see how it looks with out all the extra metal look at my photo's I had the exact bike. My motor was mounted way high in one or more photo's until I got rid of the pull starter then dropped the motor down where it belongs Till I hit a patch of black ice and slid into a dumpster at around 25 mph cracked the frame. After thjat I mounted everything onto my Schwinn MB. One thing I can warn you to look out for is my rear hub must have burnt out from constant strain and one day I went to kick on the rear brake and I almost blew out my knee when the pedal kicked forward with tremendous force the hub insides just disintegrated almost hurt myself bad

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huffy crapbrook pk 80 motor build
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