You call that flooding?


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Mar 5, 2008
Well we had a break in the weather and I decided to fire up the China girl after a month of sitting.(cold weather,cheap gas,old bones,truck with heater).
After a brief attempt it was obvious that the clutch was slipping and engine not turning.What better time to install my new clutch activator.(Creative Engineering)
Thinking there will surely be some clutch adjustment I decided to remove the clutch cover plate.As I loosened the the screws I noticed a drip coming out of the,Condensation maybe?One more turn of the screw and about 8 OZ.of fuel pour out from behind the clutch plate.
I swear for a split second I thought I was dreaming(except it would probably be blood)then proceeded to head scratching.
Best I can surmise I developed a carb/fuel leak which gathered in that little valley between the cylinder and the jack shaft and migrated through the engine gasket and filled the area around the jack/clutch shaft.
Never a dull moment with a Chinese 2 stroke.
Haven't had a chance to try the clutch activator but if it works half as well as it's machined it will be wouth twice to price.Ron


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Aug 19, 2008
Well you know now why it was slipping. Carb leaks- clutch slips so if the seat gets out of adjustment -the front tire will leak:)


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Mar 1, 2008
Aztlán, Arizona
Check your mag as well, if the seal let fuel on the other side it could cause a problem. I had a guy who's float got stuck and the entire tank went down the motor. He got enough fuel that it killed the mag.