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    Enjoyed talking and getting the pleasure of meeting some of you. Built three different motor builds and went through pain stacking engineering and paper process of getting my first build legalized in PA. Showed all the bikes in a special interest category in motorcycle shows in my area over the past three years to benefit the Children's Network. Found a Vespa style scooter that I'll be customizing to help with the charity fund raiser in the up and coming year. So for the next year or so I'll be out of the motorized bike circuit. Must say though when I come back I will be putting the China girl engine back on. Did have the most enjoyment with that motor believe it or not.
    A special shot out to Jay and Bonnie for their hospitality in the past.

    Street legal in PA
    motorized bike street legal in PA - YouTube
    Motorized bike street legal in PA 2 - YouTube

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    You had some very nice rides! Don't forget us. Looking forward to what you make next:)

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