Wow, has this forum ever grown


I just wanted to give a huge hats off to CRUISER.
Life has kept me way to busy, and I haven't been on the forum since around June.
Today, I received a message from a forum user and thought I best get an answer to the person. I logged in to see a wonderful, and huge forum.
You guys have all done an AWESOME job at getting this site up and off the ground. I honestly can't believe how quickly it grew.

Please keep up all the good work!


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
thanks chris. those of you in canada chris is great so check out his site. good to see you again my friend


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
So good to see you here.
My CH-80 is running like a well oiled machine; well, it's a 2 stroke so I guess it is a well oiled machine. Anyway, real glad you joined us again. Don't be a stranger. Thanks for everything.
Tom (The guy from Denver)


Hi all,

Thanks, and thanks. It's been a long time since I've been on here. This site has turned out very well (kind of had the feeling that it would though)...Paul is a great guy, and as such, his site is great (karma is a wonderful thing).
Glad to hear that your CH80 is running great Tom...wish others would voice how well their CH80 is doing too. Word of mouth is what makes the world go around...well at least my world anyways, lol.
Right now, I'm testing (and abusing) a 48 that was of good enough quality for me to work a little magic on it. If it survives, I'll likely start offering a 48 in the near future. As with everything else though, it has to be able to withstand my abuse before I would even think of offering it to a normal person that would actually take care of it.
So far, so good with it though.
Take care, and ride safely...helmets are a good thing.


Jun 27, 2008
Independence MO
I think the strong point of this group over the other one (the evil empire) is keeping politics out of it. And we have a group of dealers/fabricators that are taking the motor to the next level too! It shouldn't be long before we hit 5000.

We all love the little chinese motor here!
Sep 20, 2008
Clearwater, FL
This IS a great forum...I like the members! Hopefully this week I will do my part to help this forum by paying for my advertising that Paul has so graciously extended for free these past months.

I've looked at the other forum and I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with it. It's just not for me.

If I wanted to get lost in a sea of juvenile squirrels I'd go to the local mall and enjoy it live in concert. I'm sure as time went on things would be fine "over there"; I might even sell a few more cutch kits, but I don't have the time or energy to participate in two forums. Besides: for the most part you guys have become accustomed to how I write. Yeah I know, it's usally dry, sometimes percieved as condescending, (my attempt at humor), technical and straight to the point.

I'm fairly certain I wouldn't last a week "over there" before being canned. :D