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    Feb 8, 2011
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    I had a "motorbike" when I was 14. My bud had a Briggs in his bike, and I had a 1.5hp Power Products 2 stroke running on the front wheel through a stone. Another bud had a Whizzer that was ratty looking but had legs on the rest of us. So over 50 years have gone by with me building cars and boats, and racing same. I'm going to build a couple bikes now. Plenty time on my hands.
    The main build will (ultimately)be a Phoenix Bike works frame with a Whizzer. I'm going to build it with a legal 50cc Honda and EZM box to get through my States regisration, and then 'repower' it with the Whizzer and use the EZM/Honda to power another bike, getting it registered as well.
    As I want the best pieces in the Phoenix Bike I'm bying Worksman's wheels. I thought I'd just get a Worksman Bike for the other rig but have heard that the frame may be too tight for a 4 stroke. Has anyone done one? Do they need to be "massaged" to get a 4 stroke fitted?
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    Mike, I have been working on a Worksman industrial for awhile. Last august I bought Quenton's EZM motor kits at the Central Penn Rally at Jay's place (JB Crusin). I lengthened the frame and cut out the front tube and replaced it with one off a 40's/50's Schwinn girls bike. Made and welded in a motormount and was just able to squeeze it in. I think I have a few pics somewhere but my computer skills are pretty limited and will probably stay that way. I think Silverbear may have a couple. I'll see if he could put them up. Good luck, Dan
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    12 requested, here are pictures of Tinsmith's Worksman build. He does nice work, eh? Would you believe that is his first gas tank... welded steel? He's been teaching me how to make a tank out of tin for a cantilever framed vintage Schwinn of mine and it is great work, too. I've discovered Dan is a real good guy and a fine artisan. I'm hoping this Worksman of his is done far enough that we can take it out for a spin later this spring before I leave for Minnesota. I want to see it rolling. Awesome build...

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