Worked for a while, but now it wont spark


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Oct 29, 2009
Westlake village CA
Im new at this, but i dont think there is supposed to be unburnt fuel dripping from the exaust pipe. I finished building my first bike two weeks ago and it was working great until last weekend, when i was out riding. I was half way home and stopped the engine to go down a hill, when i got to the bottom i tried to start it again and it wouldnt start. I tested the spark plug and it works fine, and i checked the carberator and it works perfectly too, im starting to think its ether the wiring or the ignition coil, anyone know what to do and how to fix it? I cant get around as fast on my other bike (no engine) and after riding my gasbike for a week it seems extremely slow in comparison, please help!:-||


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Jan 16, 2008
pampa texas
try a clean new spark plug and leave the fuel turned off hold the throttle wide open and try to start the engine once it fires and runs out of fuel then try it with the fuel back on.
fuel dripping out of the exhaust could be caused by a stuck float in the carb causing the engine to flood and it will also fowl the spark plug. so you might want to re check that carb it might not be working perfectly.
if it is still throwing a good hot spark your wiring must still be ok the spark plug might be fowled if its wet/oily.
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