Won't start.



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Jan 30, 2017
Got a 80cc bike, everything has been meticulous with the build. I have already had the bike going, but the last couple of times I was out with the bike to continue the breaking in period, it would not turn over. I checked everything then lastly the cdi. I realized one of the connectors nipple was cracked Off at the connecting end. Then I just soldered the ends to the "Y" connector, then isolated it, then went out, still no start. I'm not sure if the two connectors made contact on the first few rides but I killed the engine, it didn't turn off on its own.
I am getting no ohm reading from my cdi. My meter is brand new, in fact just put the battery in the meter for the first time and is functioning properly. The reading is supposed to be within 6-8 ohms at 2k and I get nothing. I then went to my other 66cc bike Which is apart for a rebuild and was working properly; I couldn't get a read from that one either.?? I tested other things with the meter and it worked. Are these base cdi's for 49cc 66cc 80cc's, typically hard to get a read from? Can you repair them?, can you use dirtbike cdi's?, if you get no read are they now garbage? Please help with my first build. :-||


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Jun 3, 2012
Vancouver, British Columbia
Like crassius said, substitute the other cdi. If that doesn't work then look for other issues. There's a good no-start sticky thread on this forum that will take you through step by step.