Wont run when off choke

Mar 5, 2014
So I'm having a few issues with my motorized bike. Haven't started it in a couple of years, been sitting in the shed after I started on motorcycles.

So anyway, after I drain the tank, change the filter, fuel lines and fill it with fresh fuel and start it, completely on choke, after it warms up, I take it completely off choke as you do and the engine dies.

I restart it and found that it would idle when the choke it just slightly pushed away from fully choked. Then when you go to accelerate it would bog down, then go back up in revs and go off, but quite slow.

But I still am not able to run it completely off choke.

Any ideas to what the problem could be, someone suggested air leak, possibly spark plug?

Thanks in advance

allen standley

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Oct 22, 2011
Bangor, Maine
Possible air leak. Check to be sure the carb is fully pushed onto the manifold and manifold is not leaking at the engine. also while there be sure bowl screws are tight.


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Sep 30, 2012
do some water misting to look for leaks - with motors that have been unused for a long time, I sometimes find that the base gasket or case gaskets are leaking air - this will sometimes clear up after enough fuel has been run thru motor, sometimes not