Wiring help please



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Mar 17, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey guys, I'm connecting all the wires together on my 80cc kit, and the instruction manuel describes how to connect wires that are all different colors than the wires I have.

The two wires coming from the kill switch: 1 black, 1 yellow
The two wires coming out of the ignition coil are: 1 black, 1 blue
The three wires coming out of the engine are: 1 turquoise, 1 black, 1 white.

Can any of you guys tell me which wires to connect to which wires? Like I said, my manuel is telling me to connect the purple wire to the green, and stuff like that- no help whatsoever!


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Dec 28, 2007
Sunshine State
The white is for aux power. On my stretch I have the two wires coming from the kill switch to the two wires (black and blue) and everything works fine. I use the white wire to power my rear light. I would suggest connecting the blacks together (all 3) yellow, blue and turquoise together. Use the white on only if you are running a light......Two connections...three wires each.