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    Yes, to finally be motorized again. Feels great.

    The build is a West coast chopper.
    The powerplant is a 79cc predator with the gasbike gear reduction plate.
    Wheels are from a batavus moped (16x2.5 moped)
    Seat sits on redneck engineered under springs at the seat post mount and backed up by 330mm puch maxi s shocks.

    I've since moved the pipe again, way back and away from my nutz.
    Despite no foam, it's a rather cushy seat.
    Has pedals (footpegs) {will add functional pedals up behind seat post with a 22t crank to a 21t freewheel} (lol)

    Does 30 out of the box. That's plenty for me.

    Thanks for looking. Feel free to ask any questions.



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