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    Sep 8, 2008
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    I bought a 70cc HT from DAX and intend to stick it on something to sell for profit to see if I can make any. I have an old FLYING O (Oklahoma Tire and Supply Co.) that is a lightweight 26 with a 3-speed rear hub with coaster brake as well as calipers. I would have to drop the rear caliper so I would have room for the clutch lever. Is this a good plan? I suppose there are lots of motorbikes based on lightweight bikes, but I just have to accept it. The new DAX motors are cute with chrome tanks and the alloy clutch handle with lock pin and killswitch in chrome-ended grips and chrome muffler. They seem like a good deal at $119. What do people do for a clutch handle when they use a 10-speed?
    I suppose it could be mounted inboard or something.
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    Oct 30, 2008
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    I have three levers on mine, 2 of the left for rear brake and clutch and one of the right for the front brake, I put the clitch lever above the brake lever as i do not use the rear brake as much as the front
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    When my kit came it had a dual brake lever in it and I have been loving it. I ride with my index fingers resting on the levers ready to pull as needed. If I really need to get on the brakes fast and hard with multiple fingers, at least the brakes are already being applied. I have learned that being prepared at all times, to stop as fast as possible, can save my life.

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