What UP, New rider in Northern Minnesota



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Oct 10, 2008
hello i just wanted to say hello to the forum. I recently have installed the 49cc engine kit to my mountain bike. I love this thing. Its been great riding so far and i will be looking forward to having this site to rely on for help. I had made my own custom mounts with steel plates and drilled and tapped the the motor mounts to accomodate larger stronger mounting bolts after the kits have snapped. But other than that the kit was a fun build and this bike sure is fun. I get a couple crazy looks from people but its now like my own mini motorcycle. I'm planning a few more mods to my bike that are going to be ape hanger handle bars and a big banana seat with a tall sissy bar. Also i did have a Question that i wanted to ask. I currently am riding on some old mountian bike style tires. I noticed that they they work farely well on most surfaces, although better on dirt, but the question i have is about what tires are recommended for commuter use. Ive seen some but i wonder how well they handle dirt and being powered by a motor. Suggestions or Experience? Will post a pic after i add seat and bars


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May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
Welcome to THE forum! Glad you found us. Hang on to the tread pounders as you will need them this winter. Wally World has some street tires that are not too expensive and a better ride. Get used to the looks! It's part of the fun. They quit smiling when you tell them you get 130- 150 a gallon. Lol In Clear Water they make the best french silk pie on earth! The truck stop makes it. mmmm. Your in the right place! Un like rat shack WE do have awnsers to help! mmm, do nuts & beer.

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Sep 11, 2008
paso robles, california
i just got a set of Serfas Driffter fps(flat protection system) they have tire liners in the casing. its a city tire but with some tread. i like em. first ride got a flat though, roofers plasti cap nail. damn trucks loosing stuff. really like the tires though. i, personally am afraid of a tire that folds like wally world tires. i prefer a steel bead in the tire, they cant stretch at speed.