what is this thing?!



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May 29, 2008
So.. I never found my bike after it was stolen. Thought I might have seen it the other day without the engine on it, but the guy holding it had a gun pointed at him by another shadey looking character, and I didn't feel like interrupting their conversation to ask about the bike.. Needless to say I live in a rough neighborhood and my next bike wont be chained to my porch, it'll be chained inside my closet.
Anyway, I bought a new engine on ebay and hopefully it'll be here soon. Well, actually I'm not too jumpy to get it because I'm busy converting my diesel van to a veggie van right now.. If i get my engine anytime soon I fear I'll stop working on my van and just ride around doing nothing.
Sorry, I ramble. Like I was saying, I bought a new engine on ebay. I was looking at some other auctions a few minutes ago and I noticed in the pictures a part that I dont remember installing on my last bike..So i went to my closet and opened my box of bike parts and there it was..
Can someone please tell me what this part is, and where it was supposed to go? Please tell me it was something extremely important and whatever crackhead stole my bike is probably dead now because this special little piece of equipment was missing and the bike exploded. PLEEEEEAAAASE!


p.s. This forum rules. That other one is all squares.