Well it totally seized up ........

gill vanderwerf

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Sep 9, 2019
not having much luck so after i got that 66cc going again and drove it around a bit i came home and about a hour later had to run out again....could not move the bike it wont move at all....replaced the 66cc with the 48 cc bad thing is now i cant go up the hills again because of the severe lack of power on that 48 cc. so i guess i will have to buy a good 66CC motor but not from ebay so if anyone here have a recommendation where i can get a motor please i just want 1 that i can put on and ride without problems had enough of this now been messing with all of this from august and pretty much still dont have a good motor.

now i seen some from those that are advertised here and they say assembly required on the motor can anyone tell me what that assembly is?.


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Jul 10, 2017
ahhh guess i wont buy those then
The DAX F80 and Grubee SuperRat are the only engines "stock no mods ~150 price point" that will compete with a Zeda. All three are 69cc balanced engines. The Zeda can be had for a little less than 150, but based on reviews the other two have better quality control.

Bikeberry / Spookytoothcycles and Gasbike / Kings are just not in the same class.

Larry Trotter

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Nov 26, 2017
In some states these engines cannot be sold complete due to enviormental regulations, so they are sold incomplete as parts. Install the cylinder and piston and you are all set. It is dead easy