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Sep 10, 2019
novice first class here.
Carnut14 a tag leftover from the HAMB forum where I learned early that a group of good friends usually have the answer to most any problem on wheels. The HAMB is a hot rod forum so I am excited to find you'all.

Cause yesterday I purchased my first motorized bike. What motor and bike model you ask? haven't got a clue. Does it run? also in the no-clue category. Heck don't know how to start it. The white tires and brooks seat sold me. It has been ridden (a lot?) and does show a great deal of Imagineering and klugery. Both items similar to my own low talent mechanical efforts. And there are some broke details. Sounds right up my alley, I've wanted one of these bikes for years.

Goals are to make the bike rideable and reliable. Also I view this as an art project. All the pieces need to "fit" and carry the overall theme. (early motorcycle/racer)

Interesting problem for today, however, is that the fellow that sold me the bike has a dozen large boxes of new parts. Wonder what's in them I need? Temped to take a wheel barrow there and fill it up, which could create another problem in its self.

Nice to meet all of you, looking forward to this new journey. will add pictures if possible
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May 1, 2011
Newnan,Georgia U.S.A.
Welcome Carnut, you're in good company. You will find many of us are car guys as well. Post a picture of what you have and we'll figure it out.