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minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Some of you might remember a few weeks ago a tv newsman ran me down to ask for an interview. I debated it and finally agreed so today I did the interview. Fortunately for me the cameraman was an old motorbike guy. He and I did the interview the host sat on his butt in the shade. I suppose he will just intro the bit.

The things they were most fascinated with were the gas tank with the captain america theme. The kickstand with bolt adjuster held on with hose clamps. I have no idea what else they found fascinating but I know I rode the bike a lot while they made pictures of it. Should be an interesting bit of film since I really didn't have a lot to do but ride the bike around. I did get to listen to the two of them and all the people standing around telling me how cool it was. I also had a chance to sell the bike. I might be kicking myself for not taking the woman up on it. Yes it was a woman.