WC 1 engine with no compression



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Sep 12, 2018
Hello all newbie here,
Recently I bought a 1999 Whizzer with 16 miles (you heard it right sixteen miles on it)
Anyways, the owner said it just need new spark plug to run. When we came to pick it up, we were be able to pedaling it, so we thought the engine is not seized.
Brought it home, new plug changed, very strong sparks and clean the carburetor out, Both main jet and pilot clogged, but we're be able to unclog them.
But the engine did not start.
So I did a compression test and there was no compression at all.
When I tried to remove the head, found out that all the allen head bolts loose, so I thought the previous owner already open it to check.
The cylinder wall still has the cross hatches, very little carbon deposit on top of the piston, so I thought the engine indeed has 16 miles on it.
Reassemble the head after using hi temp gasket maker on the head gasket ( waiting for a new one on order), I just want to find out whether it has compression and be able to start.
Still 0 psi after few rounds of pedaling.
Good sparks, but it seems that the engine won't suck any mixture at all. The plug is bone dry.
Does anyone has any suggestions?