Warning to all about performance mods to your motorized bicycle

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Mar 1, 2008
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In this forum ( High Performance Bicycle Engine Tips) We have some great members that have come up with awesome ways to improve the performance of our little china girls.

And for many of us this is great and very appreciative.

But this warning is mostly for those who are "Newbies" and do not have much experience with engines.

Some of the modifications that are on this forum are done by experienced members who have knowledge and understanding of motors and some of these modification may not be the best thing for someone inexperienced.

Serious damage can be done to your motor if you do not understand the modification you are doing.

Please do not try any engine modification unless you are fully experienced with gasoline engines. We do not want you to ruin your ride, enjoy your motor the way it is and maybe in the future when you are more experienced you can try some of the performance modifications that is in this forum.

There are many performance modifications you can do without getting into your motor. Try those first before tearing your motor apart.

Also... Opening your motor up will most likely void your warranty.

Thank You and ride on..................
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May 25, 2008
Re: Warning to all about performance mods

I would also like to recommend that anyone trying to modify their motor perform only one mod at a time. After you are happy with the way things are working again, then you can consider modifying something else.

If you do several at once and then can't get it to work correctly it is much more difficult to determine what went wrong.

If you are new to internal combustion engines or 2 stroke motors then you should probably learn and understand the principals upon which they operate before you dive inside the crankcase. (as Fairracing31 so wisely pointed out.) An excellent source of information is. Gordon Jenning's Archivek

Animated engines has a nice and simple 2 stroke animation as well.

Last but not least are the excellent animations done by Jim (Manic Mechanic) which can be very beneficial.

Have fun! Ride safe :)
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