Wait... I did this backwards..



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Jun 13, 2019
Already broke etiquette by asking for help without dropping in here to say hey.

New to the world of motorized bicycles... Was actually first interested back in 2009, and finally got started about a month ago. I guess I'm a natural procrastinator.

Not a commuter, this is purely a hobby for me, and I'm using this to learn about engines and such as well as some leisure rides on nice days. Started with a kit, which unfortunately is a dud, but I'm getting a crash course in top end rebuilding already. Blessing in disguise I suppose..

Normally a computer systems and network administrator as well as a freelance voiceover performer by trade (because these two things go together so naturally.....), but mechanical stuff has always fascinated me, and since I finally have the means to pick up this hobby, here I am :)

Anyways, I've been lurking a lot over the last month and absorbing information. May not be the most active poster ever, especially as I'm just starting to learn, but I'll be around. Mostly reading.

Very happy this site exists, an excellent resource. Thanks for having me, glad to be here :)


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May 1, 2011
Welcome to the forum, you can learn a lot here. If you need help start a thread in the sub category that suits and I’m sure someone will reply.