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Oct 4, 2008
In the wind
There goes another hour lost to the www. Good thing it is my time with the puppy. Just got back from XC skiing to the store(s) and back. Went to Crazy Mikes to bring back a vid, then to Hardware Sales, Barkley Haggens and back through the park on the RR trail (behind Ghosto's Secret Lair) and back to the house. Saw one bicycle and about 10 other skiiers. No MAB's though but I may brave the elements tomorrow for my fun time....


Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
Oh, my heart.... Another eye-candy store ! .cargo (gotta love this emoticon)

Recently Keith (Trackfodder) and I were talking about old stuff and scooters
came up. It's a little off the motorbicycling form but there are some motorized bicycle types in the site to give a look.

Mikey Bike Motor Bike and Vintage Motor Scooter Museum

Mikey Bike Motor Bikes ------ Four Generations of Collecting

I found this web site supplier recently and it would go well in this thread. Some may be trying to build a vintage replica now and be working on their fuel tank thru these winter months. When a tank is finished and painted.....then you may want to get it lettered to make it look like an original ? Check out these vintage decals.

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club Vintage Selection Online Shop

Here's what you the drop down that says:

Search on Marque. Then below it click Submit Search. A page will come up
for what you selected with decals that would be used on the tank, frame head, air cleaner cover, mud flaps, etc. Not every one has images of the decals available, but many do. So perhaps this can help with those vintage bike projects.