up grades before engine instalation


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Feb 13, 2019
I'll get straight to the point,,been lookin at the 100cc 2stroke with kick start and a 4 speed manual for bout 420 bucks anybody tried these engines on a bicycle yet Lifan 100cc AX100 2stroke ima thinking of buying one, I got my 66cc punisher kit from bicycle motor works added a CDI high compression head the F2 thrust exahust and check this I got the 8mm accell high performance replacement spark plug wire for a v8 and used it for my CDI fuckin **** works great no doubt and a marine spark plug 2 stroke of course champion the plug alone added instant power all together
. Now im still working pulling my tools for my gardening business in a trailer it pulls but like all of us WE NEED MORE POWER rite ssssssoooooo any info good or bad would be appreciated thankyall


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Sep 4, 2008
The Lifan will be very powerful, but it is not a bolt on. If you can weld on the new motor mounts, you're in business. Search on threads for the KTM 50cc engine.to see what is involved. There should be quite a few of them on this site.