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    hello everybody at bike berry and to all of my other brothers and sisters from another mother. my name is tru and im waiven 4n1 from the bickini state. I represent north Miami fla to the fullest, and I love rideing my mini Harley with a Chinese engine lol all over the place. I ride my blu raven from county to county with no problems.everybody takes pic or vids of me and my ride,and I think its cool as ****,lol.anyways thank you guys bike berry for letting me join and really love your how to videos,btw I tip my hat to the guy with the glasses lol don't know his name,but his videos and instructions are tite work and very informative.again thank you guys and god bless everybody from mines to yours.later foos and I just got downlaff,c ya...
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    Welcome Tru, this is not Bikeberrys forum but they are one of the vendors that advertise on the forum. I bought my first kit from them, its a 2010 48cc grubee that I still have. You will find lots of help here on just about anything related to motorbikes, a lot of info you probably won't find anywhere else. Enjoy the ride!
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    Welcome to the community from an old Coral Gables guy.
    As Greg said this forum is not affiliated in any way with the vendor you mentioned. We are a privately owned forum but we have sponsors one of which is the one you mistook us for.

    Nevertheless, we're glad you've found and joined us. How about sharing a couple of photos of your bike. We always like to see what the other guy rides.


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