Trigger shifters and integrated brake levers?


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Jan 3, 2020
Hi, everybody. I'm hoping to be able to build my own E-bike this year. Currently I have a 21 speed GT mountain bike that I'd like to convert using a rear hub motor kit. My concerns are that most of the kits include brake levers that cut off the electric power and they have a twist throttle on the right hand grip - well my GT has Shimano "trigger" shifters with the brake levers integrated with the body of the shifter so I'm trying to figure out if it's even possible to make this work with one of these kits. I'm hoping that someone else may have been in a similar situation and wondering how they got around it. Thanks in advance!
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Dec 31, 2014
Martin welcome to the forum! My less than ingenious solution to the problem on my MB was the run the half grip throttle on the left side. It's not hard to adjust to this even though it reverses the twist motion to forward rather than backward twist. Also the control buttons and screen or lights are reversed as well. After a few rides one adjusts to it. It's really quite intuitive & I've now two bikes set up this way; one is a hybrid gas/electric with twin throttles that I operate problem. Though it sounds Micky Mouse in explanation it looks and works quite well.

I did try to find an electric half twist throttle but was unsuccessful, though didn't expend a lot of effort searching.

Rick C.